Bold in design - 
choices with vision

Naturally, the story begins with wood. Back then, we talked about further development, about the best possible use of wood as a building material rather than about innovation. In keeping with economy in construction. Since then, nothing has changed. Today, just as in the past, there have always been courageous people in the company who could think and plan ahead that little bit extra. The name Josef Kaufmann is the first in a long family tradition; he founded the carpentry business and began producing glulam in 1952. Half a century later, the strategic restructuring of the company and focus on the core competences of the respective areas would open a new chapter: we are the specialists for planning and constructing halls, façades, modules and high racks made from wood as well as for the implementation of residential projects. And that is how the story will continue: to think boldly ahead..
Milestones in our history: