Kaufmann timber high-bay warehouse –
facts for the right decision:

  • A very environmentally friendly material
  • Wood has the most natural sustainability
  • Wood is resistant to most aggressive chemical substances such as salts and acids, requiring no protective impregnation
  • In terms of fire protection, wood meets the R30/R60 requirements with the corresponding dimensioning without coating
  • Short construction times thanks to a high level of prefabrication
  • Assembly can largely take place in all weathers
  • State-of-the-art technologies allow the production of components belonging to various individual strength classes according to the static requirements
  • Smooth surfaces are easier to keep clean

Different types of design are possible:​

  • Wood-wood connections > laminated timber rails and supports – in a corrosion-resistant design
  • or wood-steel connections > laminated timber rails, steel profile supports as a standard design.




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