we can achieve great things.

Great things are our goal. We are walking the path to success together with our customers and partners. We develop and plan the implementation of function-oriented and economic structures as a team. We see ourselves as experienced consultants and active process supporters throughout planning and realisation. Our motto is "to deliver full services". Our customer determines our scope of service which stretches over all business areas – from individual sections of a project to general contractor services.

We provide you with

  • Joint development with architect and client
  • Deadline planning
  • Logistics and transport organisation
  • Delivery to clients
  • Consulting and support as partial contractor or general contractor
  • Master / implementation / detail and workshop plans
  • Project coordination, construction management, installation supervision

Every project is as good 
as its management.

The best project management is the foundation of quality, economy and keeping deadlines. Therefore, we as a partner also place the highest value on bringing our know-how to the fore. Forward thinking and forward planning processes are decisive for the economic implementation of a project, especially in timber constructions. We have decades of experience in this area. Preparation for work is thought through down to the very last detail. We examine logistics in detail and do not leave anything to chance.

Our function as a partial or general contractor reduces the number of interfaces, thereby increasing efficiency. Planning is the beginning of all precision and economy. We accompany our partners from the early project stages on with our flexible planning instruments – with the quality we are known for, in the time determined and within the agreed budget.