„Responsible handling of the environment also means making fundamental decisions – on materials, on the building system.“

Christian Kaufmann, Authorised Representative | Sales and Marketing


1m³ of wood stores 1 tonne of the carbon in CO2 from the atmosphere. In this way, the use of wood in durable products in the building sector is making an active contribution to protecting the climate.

Food-for-thought always provokes a reaction.

Food-for-thought always provokes a reaction.

As a material, wood combines the outstanding economic solutions with environmental benefits. But also with comfort, namely good room acoustics and a healthy interior climate. For us, sustainability sums up all of wood's good properties. Wood also proves itself to be an ideally matched partner to other materials. Even we see ourselves in the role of the connector. We connect with our integrated view of project planning and realisation. We also combine several functions as a partial or general contractor. We strengthen the cooperation between clients and planners by joining in with the planning phase as early as possible and integrating into the development process.