Kaufmann Bausysteme FC Bizau

The football club FC Bizau was founded in 1970. Over time, Kaufmann Holz AG took over the club's principle sponsorship. A long-lasting partnership has developed. After the founding of Kaufmann Bausysteme GmbH, it became the name giver and main sponsor of FC Bizau.

The football club is a fantastic form of advertising in the Bizau community, but also in the entire Bregenzerwald region. Moreover, the FC is an important component of the village community. The young contest team has successfully proven its skills in the Vorarlbergliga matches. The Vorarlbergliga is the highest division in Vorarlberg. For years, Kaufmann Bausysteme FC Bizau has always played an important role and could always be found in the table's upper third over the past few years.
The highlights so far were the title of vice-champion 2007, reaching the VFV Cupfinale 2010, the championship title 2011/12 and the championship title and being promoted into the West regional league in the 2014/15 season. The club therefore has many fans, supporters and sponsors. In supporting around 150 players (contest teams, young talent and veterans), the club takes care of important youth services.

We wish FC Bizau continuing success!