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constructively courageous

Who dares wins.

Solutions are constructive when they lead to measurable improvements, when they allow more productive manufacture and implementation in construction. We pursue these advances consistently and professionally, in cooperation with architects and builders. Together with them we develop new ideas that lead to function-oriented and economical construction systems. Each of these joint projects is an exciting process in which we see ourselves as an active companion. One that also accepts risk – in the sense of making use of opportunities.

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Our history has played a big part in our success.

The story of KAUFMANN BAUSYSTEME starts with wood. Naturally. More than 65 years ago, instead of innovation, we were talking about further development, of the best possible use of wood as a material. Entirely in line with cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Nothing about this has changed, right up to the present.

Then as now, there have always been courageous people in the company who were able to think and plan further ahead.

We have been constructively active in the building of extremely large-span halls, and even after more than 50 years these properties still impress with their well-engineered execution. Wood has also proven to be an excellent material for high-bay warehouse construction.

Room module construction now focuses on cost-effectiveness, ideally complemented by the environmental component. We recognized early on that a module is always as good as it is economical, always as individual as it is adaptable, always as quick to deliver as it is serially producible. At our second site in Kalwang, the room modules are produced exactly according to this requirement profile.

History / the roots

A variety of areas of expertise with strong common ground.

Interaction is the thing. Every area of expertise – whether it be in the business fields of hall construction or in the building of high-bay warehouses, facades or municipal structures – makes its own special contribution towards ultimately achieving the higher utility resulting from a combination. A kind of win-win situation arises from a wealth of experience, specific knowledge and constructive creativity.

At KAUFMANN BAUSYSTEME we regard ourselves as playing the role of combiners. With our holistic approach to wood construction projects, we combine planning with realization. With our expertise in room modules, we combine the individual parts to form a whole.